New Gift Shop Items

We’ve got new additions to the Gift Shop: A charcoal short sleeve bling tee for $27 and a raspberry 3/4 length sleeve tee for $30. We also have new colors in our mugs, Kiwi and Sunshine.

Charcoal ss bling

V neck 3/4 length sleeve tee

V neck 3/4 length sleeve tee



New ‘Fresh’ Restaurant in Town

Rick and I tried a new restaurant in town called “Fresh”. It’s a sit down lunch and dinner spot that also has a nice deli where you can get take-out . They are located on North Main down near the Art Colony and the old train station, with easy parking.
 The organic cheeseburger and the pastrami melt were our choices of the day; both with coleslaw and homemade potato chips; they were both delicious! There’s a nice menu with sandwiches, salads, pastas, and lots of homemade deserts

For those of you who have been coming to Eureka a long time the owner used to have Sonny’s Pizza and Olives. He’s returned to town and opened this restaurant that has shops attached along with another shop across the street. Come September the extensive deck will be finished and you’ll be able to dine outside also. Just another fine addition to the dining scene in Eureka!

Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer

We’ve been enjoying a doe and her three babies this year in the valley behind the inn. They regularly show up about 7 pm to parade through the area. You can spot them other times too, but that is usually a sure thing. These photos are courtesy of Jim & Rhonda from Tulsa. They had just checked in and while showing them to their suite by the gazebo the parade started. Jim got excellent photos, but the third baby was a little ways behind the other two. They seem to be enjoying quite a bit of our new landscaping too.

Fleur Delicious Weekend

The 3rd Annual Fleur Delicious Weekend in scheduled for July 9 – 14. It is a French themed weekend with many of the restaurants offering wine and food pairings along with some fun activities downtown. The Farmer’s Market on Thursday the 11th will have cooking demonstrations along with all of the vendors offering up their wares. One of Cheri’s favorite restaurants is Cottage Inn, and they are offering a French Wine Dinner on Sunday the 14th. There is a set menu with wine pairings. Another fun event is the Cooking Class & Luncheon on Saturday, July 13th that Linda, the owner and chef of Cottage Inn teaches. You’ll learn to create a simple and elegant lunch which will be accompanied by French wines. You even get the recipes. If good wine and food happen to be one of your hobbies, this is a can’t miss weekend.

Update on New Landscaping

 We thought we’d update the photos of our new landscaping. Last look it was still winter and the grass hadn’t greened up yet. Now there are lovely flowers blooming, the grass is green and Pita the Bear is enjoying the scenery! Hope you can see it in person soon.

French Toast on the Campfire

 Thought we would share photos that Dean & Sharon of West Plains, MO sent to us over Memorial Day weekend. Using a Dutch Oven they cooked the Creme Brulee French Toast over the campfire. Next time you’re camping remember that this will please everyone in your family! Looks like some sizzling sausage to go along. If you follow us on Facebook you’ll find this recipe, or it’s in our cookbook too.

Springtime in the Ozarks

Spring has arrived in full force here in the Ozarks! The red buds, cherry trees, and forsythia are in full bloom as you can see here from the sideyard of our Victoria House Cottage. There is also a Robin sitting on her nest in this white Cherry tree.

We also had a new bird arrive this week. It took us a couple of days to figure it out since none of us had ever seen one. Then one of the guests got a good look at the beak and we had the problem solved. They aren’t in full color yet and that led to some of the confusion; but once we got out the binoculars and could clearly see the beak we pegged it! Red crossbills, 5 or 6 at a time were loving the sunflower seeds.

If you’ve thought of planting a Spring flowering bush, may we recommend the Korean Spice Viburnum. This very fragrant bush is also by our Victoria House cottage. The entire block smells heavenly. You’ll see the local walkers stop to smell it every time they walk by. If you happen on it at a nursery grab it.

May Festival of the Arts

Eureka Springs celebrates its rich artistic heritage every spring during the May Festival of the Arts. The entire month is dedicated to the arts, with featured events taking place each weekend. Dozens of exhibits, artist’s receptions and demonstrations, Gallery strolls, Annual White Street Studio Walk and free concerts.
May 4, 11, 18 & 25th — Saturday Gallery Stroll –the City’s art galleries celebrate with later hours each Saturday night. 6pm-9pm
May 3-5 — 40th Annual War Eagle Craft & Culinary Fair –Wide variety of crafts and concessions featuring all original and handmade creations.
May 3-5 — PT Cruiser Rally show and parade on Saturday.
May 4 — ARTrageous parade through historic downtown @ 2pm
May 4 — Eureka Springs Garden Club Plant Sale — 8am-12pm in the High School Parking lot.
May 11 — 3rd annual Spring Arts & Craft Show @ Pine Mountain Village from 8am-5pm.
May 12 –John Two Hawks’ Mothers Day Concert –2pm at the Auditorium honoring mothers.
May 16-19 — Miatas in the Ozarks — A car rally for Miata enthusiasts.
May 16 — Poetluck – Potluck dinner and literary salon held at the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow.
May 17 — 23rd Annual White Street Walk — 4pm-10pm Historic White Street is the working address of several local artists who welcome the public into homes and studios to view their latest works. They are joined by more than forty guest artists from the Eureka Springs area.
May 19 — Annual Books in Bloom Literary Festival — Some of the featured authors this year are Catherine Coulter, Craig Johnson, James Grippando, Dianna Henry and our very own Iris Simantel. (Iris used to own the Heartstone Inn.)
May 25 — 19th Annual Mustang Show dedicated exclusively to America’s favorite pony car.